Thursday, September 22, 2011

Writers Conference

Welcome back...or should I say I'm back. It has been a nice few months relaxing my mind. In August, I began blogging about my classroom and activities for Scholastic Inc. I'm really enjoying writing and have been praying for an opportunity to write on a more consistent basis. Last week, I applied for a Cec Murphey Scholarship to attend the Florida Christian Writers Conference. Murphey is the author of 90 minutes in Heaven and other titles. I found out yesterday that I received the scholarship and will be attending the conference in March. I've got a few ideas for some articles and possibly a book. Right now, I’m praying for direction, which I’m a little confused about at the moment. Confusion is ok, as long as I’m seeking God’s plan through prayer and His word. I am trying to be faithful and dependent on God to use His words through my writing to impact and encourage others.

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