Sunday, April 8, 2012

Worship: Is God pleased with my offering?

The last few weeks, I have been studying the topic of worship. In fact, I’m in the stages of research for a new book on worship. As I write and sort through my thoughts, I will attempt to blog about what I am learning as I write. Scripture is filled with examples of people who worshiped God. Worship looks different and varies from person to person. Ultimately, Jesus tells us in John 4:24,that we are supposed to “worship God in spirit and in truth”. Worship God with our heart, soul, and mind. I’m listening to Matt Redman and Tim Hughes sing the song “Heart of Worship” and really questioning if the worship I do with my life and through corporate worship is truly about Jesus. I can sing the lyrics and go through the motions, but does my daily worship bring glory and honor to God? At the end of the day, is He pleased with the offering I give Him?

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