Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worship: Preparing Your Heart

In my previous post, Worship: From the Inside Out, I focused on King David and his outpouring of worship to the Lord. David poured out his heart before the Lord and didn't care what others thought about his expression of worship. How did David prepare his heart for this moment of worship to his King? He spent time in prayer. He meditated on the word of God  He repented for his sins. He had a humble spirit. David listened and was obedient. Above all, David was thankful and gave glory to God for his successes and accomplishments. Throughout the Old Testament, we are able to peer into David’s life. David is open to God about his struggles, shortcomings, and frustrations.  We can also worship as David worshiped.  Through repentance, obedience, meditation, and prayer we can bring honor and worship to God. Is this how we are to prepare our hearts so we can worship like David worshiped?  

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